Get TATKAL Tickets easily on IRCTC web site.

By | January 4, 2015
At the present time trains are the easiest and cheapest way to travel, but without pre booking you can’t travel in the train due to heavy rush and you can book your tickets before of  two months of journey date. If your plan is made suddenly, then you can book your tickets with TATKAL plan of the IRCTC. 
According to Indian Railway’s rule, you can book your tickets before 2 months of journey date or 1 day prior with Tatkal scheme.
There are limited seats available in the trains and numbers of  applicant are large. So it is not possible that everyone can get confirmed ticket from IRCTC.
We can increase the chance of ticket booking by use of Auto Fill Form.
This is a form by which you can fill your mandatory details of reservation form before of the tickets booking.
It doesn’t mean that you will get confirmed tickets, but the chance of confirm tickets will increase by use of this form. You can save your precious minutes at the time of train booking. 
Every second is most important because you know very well, tickets booked in 1-2 minutes after opening the booking window/site of Indian railway.
Now the question arises, How to use Auto Fill Form.
Follow the below steps for using the Auto Fill Form. This form is created by Amit Agarwal.
  • Open the form by clicking this link
  • Click on Reservation Form button available on the page, form will open  
  • Fill all the passenger details like name, age, sex, mobile number… etc. in the form and click on I’m Feeling Lucky button. If you want to refill the form, click on the Reset Form button.
  • You are almost done, now you will find a Magic Autofill button on the
    page, simply drag and drop that button on the bookmark toolbar of your
  • Open the IRCTC web site and plan your journey.
  • Do all process and activities like find train, etc and click on book now tab, Journey Details form will be opened
  • Now click on the Magic Autofill button available on your bookmark toolbar. 
  • Your form will automatically fill after clicking this button. 
  • Fill the captcha and make payment.

You have saved some moments by using this form, your chance is high to getting the confirm tickets. If you want to book general tickets then do this before of 8 AM or 10AM for tatkal tickets.

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