Smart Phones, Smart Watches, Now Smart Bra..

By | December 7, 2013
Yes, Microsoft the tech company working on smart Bra i.e Microsoft Bra, that help detect the bio-signature like stress, body rhythms and mood. Prototype bras use sensors embedded in the material to detect changes to detect stress level. It also help breast cancer early. 
This device is capable to record the activity of mood. Mood data was provided to the wearer via a smartphone app in order to highlight when emotional eating was likely to occur.

A wearable smart bra was choosen primarily because it allows sensors to be placed near to heart. To record the heart activity, It will collect EKG (Electrocardiogram) and EDA(Electro dermal activites) near to heart.
The researcher determine the Bra was mostly effective in detecting it’s wearer emotional change. But sensor needed to be recharged every three to four hours.

Microfoft don’t show partiality with men. The researcher also think about to develop a Smart underwear but sensor were located far away from heart and men will not agree to wear the Bra. :p

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