How to Hide Drives without use of third party tool.

By | December 7, 2013
In present Electronic Era, most of us use computer and some times we don’t want to show our personal data to some one other. Then option is that either use of  third party software or use simple steps and hide the drive from other people who use our computer.
There are some simple steps by which we can easily hide the drive from my computer list.

Steps for Hide the drive with CMD:

  1. Click on Start > Search for Run (Run box will appear)
  2. Type CMD > press OK.
  3. Now type “Diskpart” > press enter
  4. New pop up window will open, click on Yes
  5. Now, in new window type “list volume” and press enter
  6. All drive of your computer will show on this window. 
  7. Now, I have some personal data in my drive H and I don’t want to show this data to some one else, So i want to hide it,  then i will type “Select volume H” and press enter.
  8. You have selected a drive which you want to hide. Now type “Remove letter H”  and press enter.
  9. Congrats, your drive has been hidden. 

Steps for get back the drive: 

Now you want to see your personal data again which are hidden by above steps.
Note: You have to remember the volume number and letter of your drive which you hidden in above steps.
  1. Now, Follow above steps 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 again.
  2. Your hidden drive will not show here.
  3. Type  “Select volume 0” and press enter. (In case of my computer, It may differ in your computer)
  4. Now type “Assign letter H” and press enter.
  5. Now check, you have successfully get back your drive.

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