Use New Facebook Stickers on Web also.

By | July 3, 2013
Now you can use more smileys / Stickers on web. And let’s enjoy with more fun on facebook. Facebook launched this facility from today to all facebook account. With this you can add more different-different icons according to your mood and situation at the time of when you are chat with someone.

You can also include more stickers from stickers store (available on smileys icon in chat box). There are lots of graphics in stickers store.

To include the stickers you need to follows these given below steps:

  1. Enter your chat box on facebook page.
  2. Click on right corner bottom icon i.e. smileys icon.
  3. After click on icon, a new window will open. Choose your stickers.
  4. If you want more stickers then click right top corner in previous opened window.
  5. Choose the stickers as according to your choice.
  6. It will add in your stickers list.
  7. Select at the time of your chat.
  8. Let’s Enjoy. Happy Chat !

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