See Full Facebook Profile Picture if It is Private..

By | June 23, 2013
If you want to see full profile picture of your someone special and you have not permission to see in full size due to privacy setting.
Some of people use full photo in his/her profile picture and it being show as limited area due to cropped method. Don’t worry it is right time to see your favorite’s photo in all dimension.
Follow given below steps and see as you want 

  1.  Log In from your facebook account.
  2. Open your friend Timeline.
  3. Take cursor on profile picture of your friend.
  4. Right click on profile picture.
  5. Copy image location.
  6. Open new tab in your browser.
  7. Paste the image url.
  8. Now, Remove “/s160x160” from url (marks as green color in image)
  9. Click to ‘Enter’.  

                See full Profile Picture…Happy !! No.Want more ?  Okkk……

 If you want to see profile picture in original form like, without cropped ..
    a.  Follow above steps 1 to 8.
    b.  In the url at last replace _n.jpg with _a.jpg  (for full image in all dimension).
    c.  Remove ” c32.46.397.397/s160x160/ “, from url.
    d.  Click  to ‘Enter’ .

                         Enjoy …. Happy Fackbooking….

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